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  • What For?

    I didn’t used to get out much. For twenty years I learned grace in a pretty sheltered environment. Now, go figure, I go out and speak about it.

  • Ernest Borgnine

    It’s been several weeks now since I returned from the eleventh annual Ernest Borgnine Memorial Music Appreciation Society weekend. I know. Odd.

  • Merry Christmas!

    I became a believer 29 years ago. On December 23rd. This week I was transported back to that time.

  • A Grace Anniversary

    Several weeks ago I was on facebook, instant messaging with a really funny and great guy named Dave Burchett.  He’s a writer, blogger and television producer for the Texas Rangers baseball games. Anyway, in the middle of our conversation he wrote these words: “Hey John, my 1-year Grace Anniversary was this week.” I stopped typing, took my hands off the keyboard and just smiled. My friend gets it.

  • Hannah

    I know a really neat high school student in our church. Recently she was spending the weekend with a friend and visited that friend’s church. Early the following week I received a text that she’d like to speak to me about the message.

  • Vacation with Bali

    About a week ago, the Lynch family came back from a vacation at Newport Beach.  It was a great time.  I was allowed to take naps and mindlessly surf cable stations through Ginsu knife infomercials and reruns of Barnaby Jones.  None of this, of course, am I allowed at home. Stacey works me pretty hard.  But I digress. With us, was our Golden Retriever, Bali.  I like her more than I do most humans.  We made a bed for her across the front seat, while all three girls cr...

  • Remembering Ourselves on the Mountaintop

    My wife Kelsie and I were comparing notes last night after 6 days away with high school students in San Diego. As we continued to roll out our memories, ask each other questions, and reminisce on our favorite times something was apparent; with 10-15 camps in our rear view, we had never experienced a week like this. We sat on our couch too tired to move but unable to stop talking when Kelsie said, “Our kids were so benefited from you working at Truefaced.”I filtered that statement for a minute as...