Truefaced Team


Mari Basham

When you combine creativity, contagious laughter and an uncanny joy in accounting, you get Mari Basham, Truefaced’s Director of Finance and Administration.

Prior to joining Truefaced, Mari received her B.A. from Grand Canyon University in Christian Leadership. She also worked at her former alma matter in the Business and Accounting Department for over 19 years. During her time there, she served in many roles including Director of Business and Auxiliary Services.

Mari lives with her husband of 40 years, in Glendale, AZ. In addition to creating artwork for her home and reading the latest novels, one of her greatest joys is spending time with her two grown sons, two beautiful daughter-in-laws and five wonderful and delightful grandchildren that live nearby.

Elizabeth Keck

Elizabeth graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2006 with a degree in Psychology. Her passion for theunderprivileged and lost children led her to working for a non-profit agency serving and equipping foster families. She left that work when her first child was born, but couldn't stay away for too long. She briefly contracted with an attorney who serves children in the child welfare system until her second child was on the way. She has remained involved in her church, leading youth in the High School ministry, to now leading a group of young families alongside her husband. She deeply desires for more people to understand their identity is found in Christ and His truths rather than their shame and brokenness.

She enjoys being outdoors when it’s not scorching outside, gardening, cooking and eating delicious food, watching her children explore new bugs and plants as they also learn to love one another, spending time with friends and family.


John Lynch

As a great communicator and writer, John Lynch is a vital staff member of the Truefaced team and co-writer of The Cure and TrueFaced the book. In addition to speaking nationally with the Truefaced team since 1997, John has authored On My Worst Day and co-authored a number of books and resources with Truefaced, including the bestseller The Cure and the popular TrueFaced Two Roads audio-video message.

John served for 27 years as teaching pastor at Open Door Fellowship in Phoenix, Arizona, a position that he held since 1985. He recently stepped out of that role to begin working full time at Truefaced. The authenticity, longevity, and playfulness of these two flawed communities, Open Door and the Truefaced group, brings real-world reality and potency to this Truefaced message.

John used his love for writing and performing as the co-founder and playwright for Sharkey Productions, a theater troupe focused on Gospel-anchored theater productions for those still seeking Jesus. John and his wife Stacey are passionate parents to their three children Caleb, Amy and Carly. They have two adorable granddaughters and one grandson that they can't get enough of.


Shannon McCarthy

Filled with youthful spirit, a passion for spreading the TrueFaced message, and a desire to see authentic, trusting relationships become the norm, Shannon McCarthy has been a blessing to our team since 2006. She has had many roles over the years and currently serves as a part time assistant.

Shannon graduated nursing school from Scottsdale Community College in 2012. When she’s not lifting spirits at TrueFaced, she serves the community as an RN at Honor Health Shea where she works in bone marrow transplants. She has a heart for providing support to people in uncertain times and uses her knowledge and skills to reach those in physical pain. She loves to balance her passions of helping to heal hearts with helping to heal bodies and is looking forward to growing in both areas in the future.

When she’s not at work, we can usually find Shannon adventuring in the wilderness through hiking and roadtrips, with her nose buried in a book, or spending time growing deeper relationships with her friends.


Bruce McNicol

The global vision, teaching wisdom, and business skills of co-founder and President, Dr. Bruce McNicol, has helped establish the foundations of Trueface. His passion to restore the Original Good News for diverse world cultures through transformed leaders and their platforms of influence has built the foundation of this organization.

With degrees in finance-law, theology, leadership, and organizational development, Bruce’s ability to write to diverse readers and leaders has proved true in the best-sellers he has co-authored: The Ascent of a Leader, The Cure, Bo's Cafe, and the High Trust Cultures guide for leaders.

Bruce’s inspirational teaching, through story and metaphor, continues to draw audiences in public arenas, small groups, and one-on-one. One of his greatest joys is walking with young leaders in business and professional life, government, education, entertainment, sports, and the church.

Living in Oregon, California, Chicago, and now Arizona, Bruce has gained a variety of interests over the years. He enjoys reading, sports, learning to play golf with Bill Thrall and John Lynch, travel, and observing world cultures. His constant interest is his wife Janet, who is a homemaker, nurse and mentor. Bruce and Janet have received extensive personal tutoring and life skills from their three wonderful children and spouses, Nicole, married to Kory (and granddaughter Willo); Chad, married to Erica; and Ryan.


David Pinkerton

A talented communicator and a natural on the stage, David Pinkerton uses his gifting as Communication Director and Events Manager.

David honed his communication skills in college, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arizona State University with a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Public Relations. While there, he traveled the country as a part of the college’s speech team. His talents led to voice over work for commercials and TV shows and an opportunity to help write for a local television program for kids.

In addition to his service at Truefaced, David is in his twelfth year helping to lead high school students at Open Door Fellowship. While serving as a high school leader, he has been learning about identity in Christ and the beauty that comes from growing up in an environment of grace.
David and his wife Kelsie have three precocious and fun loving littles.


Lisa Poppen

Lisa is thrilled to serve as part of Trueface’s Executive Administrative team, where her organization and communication skills, along with her passion for the mission and vision of Trueface, are utilized.

Before joining Trueface, she spent fourteen years in the Christian community development industry, with Food for the Hungry, helping to equip expatriate staff to serve cross-culturally. With a degree in Education as well as a strong background in training, adult education and curriculum development, Lisa enjoys being part of the learning process for others.

Authentic community is vital to Lisa.Whether starting a community garden at her kids’ elementary school or hosting a monthly coffee hour as a place for neighbors to know each other, she delights in helping to establish authentic and trusting relationships.

Lisa and her husband Matt, along with their two children, make their home in Central Phoenix.

Brittany Sawrey

Brittany Sawrey is delighted to be an Administrative Assistant for Truefaced and help to spread its message of grace. Receiving her B.S. in Biology from Pepperdine University and her MSc in Conservation Science from Imperial College London, she previously worked as a zookeeper with elephants and large carnivores (Truefaced leadership tells her this is what qualifies her to work with them).

She recently moved back to Phoenix after education abroad and lives with a rather sassy cat that she forces to love her. She enjoys bizarre hobbies like playing the harp, collecting weapons, sampling hot sauces and window shopping, and if you asked her favorite literary character her knee-jerk reaction would be Lucy from Narnia but she really couldn’t say.



Erin Steenhoek

Thanks to the wonders of technology, Erin joins our team from Chicago. Armed with experience working at the Truefaced office for a short time in 2013, she fits right in with the team with her appreciation for dry humor and sarcasm.

Erin has worked in a variety of nonprofit organizations for the past 15 years - from camps to schools and youth programs. Her experience in administration, volunteer management, and love for networking makes her an asset from afar as she enhances Truefaced's communication with current and future partners. Knowing how being part of a high-trust community has affected her own life, Erin is passionate to spread the message so that everyone can experience the same love and acceptance through sharing their unique story and living life together.

When she's not working, you can usually find Erin enjoying life with her husband, Corey, and their daughter, Zoë. They love having friends over for dinner, watching a good football or baseball game, and feeding a plethora of baked goods to put their guests into a sugar coma.


Bill Thrall

There’s a reason why everyone from CEO’s of worldwide companies to heads of mission organizations to the newlyweds down the block want to have Bill Thrall as their mentor. His experience and wisdom prove true as he helps others establish trust in all their key relationships and nurtures grace-based communities.

As Vice Chair and co-author with Truefaced-Leadership Catalyst since 1995, Bill’s genuine desire to see relational health in those he works with, has been vital in setting the tone of the organization. His eloquence and integrity have given him opportunities to teach Truefaced’s principles internationally. His wisdom has been penned throughout the entire series of The Ascent of a Leader, Beyond Your Best, and The Cure.

Prior to joining Truefaced, Bill founded and pastored the influential church, Open Door Fellowship, for over 20 years. While there, he developed an effective character development training program that nurtured visionaries such as Kit Danley, founder of Neighborhood Ministries in Phoenix, AZ.

In his spare time, Bill can be found fishing, crafting furniture for his family in his wood shop or cultivating fruits, vegetables and herbs in his beautiful backyard garden. Bill and his wife, Grace have three grown children Wende, Bill, and Joy and nine grandchildren.

Expert Contributors:

Karen Hunt

Karen graduated from the University of Kentucky with a B.S. in nursing.  She served as assistant director of nursing at the UK Medical Center in Lexington, KY, and later as a faculty member at Creighton University College of Nursing in Omaha, Nebraska.  Karen and her husband David have been involved in international missions for 43 years.  Karen assisted in developing the short-term missions programs for the flagship church, Southeast Christian Church and Edge Outreach.  Her contributions included creating cross-cultural training material, establishing pre-trip team retreats, and mentoring new team leaders. She currently serves on the board of Evergreen Foundation, which supports family oriented children’s homes in Romania. Currently, Karen serves Truefaced as the Faculty Dean for the Center for the Cure.

David and Karen met at Asbury college and were married in 1971. They have three children and two grandsons.  They all live in Louisville, KY.

Jonathan Sharpe

Jonathan Sharpe is a writer and lecturer on history, religion and culture, serving as a member of the Christian Studies faculty for Grand Canyon University, instructing courses in history, interdisciplinary studies and Christian worldview. Jonathan graduated from Seattle Pacific University in 2000, with a B.A. in history, and from Fuller Seminary in 2005, with an M.A. in Theology (focusing on Christian History). Jonathan and his wife have also served refugees in various ways, lived in Romania mentoring those in urban poverty, and served as youth pastors for a church in Seattle. For Truefaced, Jonathan is a creative specialist working in the development aspect of The Cure for Parents. He and his wife Amy live in Phoenix with their daughter and son.

CHTL Faculty:

Joyce Anderson - Colorado 

Kayla Bergholz - Colorado

Stewart Black - Arizona

Scott Boyd - Missouri

Don Crook - Washington

CE Crouse - Kentucky

Mark Hanke - Oregon

Wayne Herninko - Virginia

Steen Hudson - California

Dave Hunt - Kentucky

Lana Jernigan - North Carolina

Scott Morrison - Arizona

TA Powell - Virginia

Louise Sedgwick - Arizona

Roger Shepherd - Florida

Matt Stueck - Florida

Sue Tell - Colorado

Gary Wittevrongel - North Carolina

Monique Woodward - Washington

Deon Wynia - Iowa




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