Bo’s Cafe Podcast

  • Does That Honor God's Holiness

    How do we honor God's holiness if we try to live in grace?


  • Is That The God of the Bible

    If we believe in grace then won't we disregard the fullness of who God is?


  • Grace and Giving

    "If we buy into this grace thing, won't people stop giving?" We are talking grace and generosity on the podcast. #gracefears

  • Grace Gets You Fired

    This week we are talking about, "As a pastor, ministry leader, etc..., if I buy into grace won't I get fired."

  • Get After It

    If I believe in grace won't I stop trying to battle sin? Talking Grace Fears on the podcast.

  • Excellent

    Today on the podcast we are talking about, "if I actually believe in grace,
    then won't I get lazy and stop striving for excellence?"


  • Motivation for Spiritual Disciplines

    If we live in grace, won't that cause us not to do our spiritual disciplines?
    We are talking about the fears we have about grace.

  • Prayer Not For I Am With Thee

    This week on the podcast we are talking about Grace Fears.
    If I believe grace then won't I stop praying? If everything is all grace
    anyway then why would I need to pray anymore?


  • Won't They Just Sin Then

    What are our fears about buying into God's grace?
    Today we talk about the thought, won't they just have
    permission to sin if we let them live in grace?

  • Will Grace Hold

    Today we start a series discussing popular arguments
    against living in grace.


  • Sailing in the Dark

    This week John and Bruce podcast in the dark as the power in our office shut down right before we started. The guys are talking about their experience on the MERCYME and Truefaced cruise that just happened.

  • And a Happy New Podcast

    This week we start off 2015 by talking about the fantastic retreat Bill, John, and Bruce just experienced.

    Next week we will be starting in on a new series for the new year.


  • Christmas and Identity

    Christmas comes with wonderful anticipation, but often brings unresolved emotion to the surface.
    How does the gospel and our new identity in Christ give us hope in this season.

  • Grace in Small Things

    How does grace apply to the every day things in life. Today we are talking about seasons of small trials that add up and how grace changes your perspective.

  • Grace in the Middle East

    After spending time in Israel, Jordan, and Turkey the three guys share an even stronger bond to why Jesus original gospel of freedom is so needed in this world.

  • This Destiny Now

    We talk the angst that accompanies our perception of God's destiny for us.


  • Lifted Up

    What does God's exaltation look like?

  • Suffer for Good

    As we move up the character ladder, we will suffer for the good of others and for our choices of integrity. This is exactly where so many leaders are tempted to jump ship and go back to ruling out of their capacity.


  • Disobedience of Saul

    Why does obedience matter to God and what are the effects when we choose our own way? We are digging into the story of Saul for some principles relevant to today.


  • Obedience

    The third rung on the character ladder is obedience. Without obedience I will not truly know who I am and I will not experience the best of what God has for my life. 


  • What is Vulnerability

    The difference between transparency and vulnerability is huge. We are talking the impact of vulnerability on relationship.


  • The World System

    What do we do with companies like Apple, Cisco, Google, etc... when we know their leaders were not interested in high integrity or humility. How can we say that humility is a key component of any Christians leadership?


  • Trust is Not Compliance

    You risked trusting others, but now you are not sure if you agree with their perspective on something.
    How do you sort out trusting another person with you, when you don't agree?


  • The Offshoot of Humility

    We are talking about the implications of Humility and Grace and challenging better known definitions of the two.


  • Character and Humility

    My humility is the doorway to character. Bill Thrall is back on the podcast and explains this truth.

  • Life as a Walrus

    Relationships of Trust are the single most important thing to
    life and organizational health and productivity.
    We talk about the things that keep us from experiencing these relationships and why trust is so important to experiencing love.


  • How Do You Feel an Environment of Grace

    So how do you feel an environment of grace anyway?

  • Big Leaders Short Ladders

    Why do so few leaders finish their leadership tenures well?
    Why are there so many big leaders on such small ladders?
    When we choose capacity over character we will always
    face this reality.


  • The Capacity Ladder

    This week we start our discussion on what we mean by the "capacity ladder" as we prepare to
    compare a life lived out of capacity and a life lived out of character supported by your capacity.


  • The Ascent

    Our first book The Ascent of a Leader, is still being used across the world to develop leaders. We reflect on the process of writing the book and why it is written from a Judeo-Christian perspective, while not using bible verses throughout. 

  • Summer Camp

    This week we transition into the Ascent of a Leader, but first we talk about how these truths can impact teenagers at a summer camp.

  • Pop Up on the Radar

    Today we are finishing our reading of On My Worst Day while we talk about how God loved us and cared for us before we ever believed in Him.

  • When in Greece

    This week we talk about how natural it can be to share who we are in Christ, without manipulating the conversation toward the "bonus" question.

  • Bubbleen Lil Joe

    This week John reads to us from On My Worst Day and reminds us why humor is so important to him.

  • Identity and Guidance

    This week we talk about how we get to guide our children into their unique God given identity.

  • Gift of Trust

    Why is trust such a key component in fostering a friendship with our children?

  • The Cure for Parents

    This week we introduce you to our current project. The Cure for Parents; not so much The Cure for parenting.

  • Trust Must be Earned

    This week John takes us through the story of a hard season with his daughter. He realized that his expectation of trust didn't fit with how active he had been in her life. This epiphany lead to a profound year in their relationship of rebuilding trust together.

  • Law of Love

    This week we are talking about how all religious answers eventually get tested.

  • Losing Vision

    It often takes us losing our vision for ministry before we can see
     that God is far more interested in our person.

  • In The Camp

    This week we are talking about John's trip to Bosnia during the late 90's. His experience was not a Hallmark card of Christian experiences. So how does God love us in the midst of, "all we were going to do for God"?

  • Phantom Audience

    Will we live our lives catering to a phantom audience? This week we talk about being who you are in Christ wherever you are; without having to manage every possible reaction.

  • Hand Slap

    A community of grace laughs together. Not that they aren't sometimes inappropriate, but they have more time to let others feel out their humor without slapping their hand. All humor is meant to build up, sometimes it takes awhile for us to get there. It is worth the time.

  • It Takes A Village

    This week we are talking about how grace is experienced; it takes others to help us experience real grace. Sometimes, we are those others, because there is no one else around to start the environment.

  • Ransomed

    This week on the podcast we are talking about the night John first went to see Les Miserables. It was a God encounter that first moved John to grace.

  • Whose Self Serving Now

    On My Worst Day takes us back to 1985 when John had one of his most painful ministry moments. We learn how easy it is to do the wrong thing with what may be accurate information.

  • Praying Like We Mean It

    This week John takes us back to 1982 with a story about the first time he realized how religious he had become and how miserable he was in the midst of it.

    This is a conversation about the hope of Jesus that frees us from having to perform.

  • Un Natural

    Increased devotion and diligence will not make me feel closer to God again. Believing his never changing affection for me will renew my joy.

  • Will Power No Power

    John reads us a story about his smoking days from On My Worst Day. We talk about how will power has nothing on those habits or sins that we keep promising to stop.

  • Will Rejection Define Us

    John reads to us from On My Worst Day about the day his girlfriend of six years broke up with him in college. The discussion that comes out of this experience brings up some great thoughts about who and how we trust.

  • Embarrassed

    What happens to our identity when we feel embarrassed? And what happens when good friends help us to shed the lies?

  • When We Assume Motive

    In this week's story from On My Worst Day, we see that in an environment of grace, we are endeavoring to give others the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their motive.

  • The Devils in the Pyracantha

    The motivation of grace will always bear greater fruit than demand or coercion.

  • When We Run

    We continue in On My Worst Day and we are talking about our default to want to check out and run away when things get hard. What is the benefit of living life another way. Enjoy.

  • The Process of Redeeming Shame

    Bill and John talk about the process of redeeming shame in this very important podcast.

  • The Box Cars

    This week we explore shame through the story of the Box Cars in Upland California out of On My Worst Day.

  • A Gentle Intentionality

    On today's podcast we continue with "On My Worst Day". We also talk Jr. High dances in small towns, the best corn this side of the panhandle, and God's gentle intentional pursuit.

  • No Wisdom Without Trust

    We start 2014 with a fun podcast from the new Truefaced book On My Worst day written by John Lynch.

  • Not About Position or Power

    In the Room of Grace, the mature influence others, not so much out of the power of their position, but out of who they are.

  • Up the Hill on Hands and Knees

    This week we talk about the incredible experience John had at The Cure Film shoot on Catalina Island. Never mind he barely made it out of there alive.

  • Life in the Orange Grove

    Today John takes us through on of the stories from On My Worst Day. Enjoy

  • Safety to Fail Allows Growth

    Want those you love to grow? One of the greatest gifts we can offer another person is a safe place to fail. Find out why.

  • Forgive the Effect

    Freedom comes when we not only forgive the sin done against us, but also the effects of those sins. Today we invite a guest to give us perspective on this in real life.

  • Repentance is a Gift

    Repentance is a gift from God. Pride and Isolation will keep us from it.

  • Love When We Admit the Truth

    Love acts as a safety net when we admit the truth about ourselves.

  • More Than Agreeing

    Agreeing that we have done something wrong is not the same as trusting God with what we have done.

  • AboutFace

    For so many, repentance has been the act of promising you won't sin again. Turning 180 degrees, making an about-face. Unfortunately this well intentioned theology just leaves us dizzy and wounded. How do we regain our equilibrium? That is exactly what we are talking about today.

  • On My Worst Day AudioBook

    Today on the podcast we are giving you a sample of the in progress On My Worst Day Audio Book.

    We plan to have it out for you in November. Enjoy.

  • Pass the Rubles California

    This week we talk about, "If I don't trust you, then you can't love me, no matter how much love you have for me."

    We also talk about the Russian Ruble. Go figure.

  • Pile On

    After finishing up 2 days of video production for the Trust One Campus, we sit down to podcast about what it is like to work on these things together.

  • You are Not Needed

    I don't need you is the language of the wounded heart. In today's podcast we talk about how our needs are the very thing that allow us to experience love.

  • Permission to Write You Off

    When our theology lets us see other Christians as sinners instead of saints, we will give ourselves permission to write them off and reject them. This podcast is about the freedom that comes from a seeing the Original Good News in action even when others fail.

  • Cantina Cantata

    We missed our podcast last week, or more accurately, David forgot to switch the all important button that actually records the thing. We are back and talking about our new Trust One Campus along with some memories of John's early ministry fiascos.

  • Creole

    Why don't more Christians believe that Jesus stands with his arm around us, and that He is actually pleased to stand with us to protect us and heal us from sin?

  • My Primary Motive

    If my primary motive is to trust God, then I will get to live out of who God says I am. That will change everything. The choice is both once and for all and every day.

  • My Primary Motive

    If my primary motive is to trust God, then I will get to live out of who God says I am. That will change everything. The choice is both once and for all and every day.

  • Insidious

    Without forgiveness the insidious effects of bitterness will invade my life. While many say that trusting God is hard to wrap your head around, this is one of the concrete ways we get to trust God. Forgiveness is a gift God gives his children; but it is not done lightly and cannot be faked.

  • Out in Front

    Grace frees Christians to see others as saints who sin, not sinners striving to one day become saints.

  • Rock That Stadium

    On this weeks podcast we talk about how God releases the mature into the destiny He has prepared for them before the world began. But the destiny we are talking about doesn't fit cultural norms for performance, status, or self-realization.

  • The Big 18

    It's Truefaced's 18th Anniversary! To celebrate we are talking about how when I fear the power of sin more than I trust God, I will hide who I am.

  • A Telling High

    Our unresolved issues will rob us in all key areas of our lives. So what are unresolved issues and how do we resolve them. Bill Tell joins us for the podcast to help us figure it out.

  • Not About Getting Caught

    This weeks podcast tells us that my life failures will lead to pain. Not resolving the root of these failures will cost me my destiny.

  • Strive More Hide More Sin More

    Why does striving to sin less always lead to hiding? Why does hiding lead us to sin more? We make the connection and discuss why striving harder never works when it comes to sin.

  • Grace Deals Different

    Grace allows us to interact with others in their knows sin issues in a profoundly different way.

    Today's podcast starts the discussion as we continue through our 52 statements of grace.

  • Knowing is Not Enough

    This week we discuss how knowing another person's sin issues is not the same as having the permission to speak into it.

  • Breaking

    When I believe that I am in charge of controlling your sin I will only end up breaking your spirit.

  • Encouraged

    This week is all about encouraging things we are watching happen as people are freed into this good good news.

  • The Solvent For Masks

    In today's podcast we discuss how LOVE is the solvent for our masks.

  • By Definition

    This week we talk about a definition for sin-management and then discuss what the flip side looks like.

  • Bad Manager

    Trying to manage our sin will not lead us to less sinful behavior.

  • Why So Much Talk About Sin

    This week we talk about how only God can handle our sin. We talk about the thought, "for grace people,you sure do talk a lot about sin." That is because grace actually has the solution to sin, not just the condemnation of it.

  • Where Did We Lose it

    God and only God can handle sin. We get this so well at salvation. Where do we lose this along the way?

  • Counterintuitive

    We can never resolve our sin by working on it. This counterintuitive statement  will help us better understand how God deals with sin.

  • What is the Difference

    This week we continue to talk about how God is not interested in changing the Christian because he already has. So what is the difference?

  • Put Away the Umbrellas

    This week we are talking about how God is not interested in changing us, because He already has.

  • Living to Perform

    When we live in performance obsessed cultures we will never heal from the wounds that such a culture inflicts.

  • So Many Say the Right Thing

    So many of us can say the right things, while living the wrong life. How does grace give us hope

    to live the freedom of life in Jesus? Join us on today's Truefaced podcast.

  • The Hidden Leader

    The more influence we gain, the more temptation there is to hide for fear of losing our position. What are the implications and where is the hope. 

  • Masking Character

    In today's podcast we will discuss how, the degree to which I wear a mask in my key relationships is the degree to which my character development will be stunted.

  • How We View Ourselves

    Today we are talking about, "How we view ourselves is the greatest commentary on our theology."

  • Healing Gifts of Grace

    This week we talk about maturity and the healing gifts of grace.

  • Maturity and Influence

    Influence is tied to maturity. We can not profoundly positively influence others without it...

  • Not Identified by Sin

    As a maturing Christian, I no longer define myself by my sin or the sin committed against me, but by who God declares me to be.
  • Tradition

    This wee on the Truefaced podcast we share about some of our favorite traditions and how they bless us as a family. You are going to want to hear about John's Gnome night.

  • Taking A Risk

    This week we are talking about how necessary it is to take a risk in finding someone to live in grace with.

  • Destiny and Thankfulness

    This week we finish Chapter 7 of The Cure and talk about how our destiny and thankfulness live together.

  • Perspective and Destiny

    This week John and David talk destiny, while commenting on where Bill and Bruce might be this week.

  • Relationship and Mission

    As we continue to talk about Chapter 7 Two Destinies, we evaluate how many say it is healthy to bisect your relationships from your mission. 

  • Destiny

    We start Chapter 7 Two Destinies today as we also manage to fit in 50's music and a number of assorted topics that came to mind.

  • Friendship

    Bill is away and we take this opportunity to talk about what a good friend Bill has been to the three of us. Chapter 6 of The Cure is all about friendship. Enjoy.

  • Friendship

    Bill is away and we take this opportunity to talk about what a good friend Bill has been to the three of us. Chapter 6 of The Cure is all about friendship. Enjoy.

  • Is Trust Impossible

    As we finish up chapter 6, we talk about some of the conversations and questions we have been having about the seemingly impossible task of trusting others.

  • Exploring the Deeper Woods Together

    Today's podcast continues in Chapter 6 of The Cure Two Friends.

    You are going to love the truths that jumped out today.

  • Worth Tell ing

    On this weeks podcast we talk to longtime friends and contributors to Truefaced's biblical foundation Bill and Sue Tell. We have a fantastic time talking about Worth.

  • Permission to Love

    This weeks podcast continues in Chapter 6 of The Cure Two Friends.

    We discuss the beauty that comes when we give others permission to love us.

  • God and Friendship

    Chapter Six of The Cure takes us into Two Friends. Jesus said, "I no longer call you servant. Instead, I call you friend. What are the implications of that statement for our lives?

  • Ephesians 4:32

    Forgive as Christ forgave? How is this possible?

  • Unfiltered

    Today we talk about the "Taking Off the Filter" portion of The Cure Guide which leads groups

    through the process of reading the Bible without a cloud of moralism or sin management.

  • How We Forgive

    Chapter 5 of The Cure begins to walk us through the process of forgiveness. It looks a lot different than we might think.

  • Two Healings

    This week we start Chapter 5 Two Healings and give an update on what we have been up to the last three weeks.

  • Finishing Chapter 4

    This week Bill, John, and David finish up Chapter Four by talking about the importance of living in the light, and the different ways people see that statement.

  • The List

    As we continue in Chapter 4 we talk about the list of page 60 and how the sin cycle reveals many realities about the sin nature in me.

  • Third Out of Three

    As we continue to talk through Chapter 4 of The Cure, Bruce tells a story about growing up always coming out third in a high octane/performance family.

  • A Must Listen

    As we continue in Chapter 4 of The Cure, Bill tells a story from his childhood that demonstrates how shame can motivate our behavior.

  • Hot Mic

    This week we start the application portion of The Cure in Chapter 4 on the podcast.

  • Take Five

    On this weeks podcast we continue to talk about the 5 beliefs that continually shape how we choose to trust ourselves over God and stay in patterns of self-reliance.

  • Fifty Fifty

    A friend joins the podcast as we continue to talk about Chapter 3 of The Cure and the things

    we believe when we choose our own way over God's provision.

  • Root Beliefs

    Chapter three of The Cure contains something we call the Root Beliefs that give us permission to do things we know we should not. Today we share the list and get into the implications.

  • If You Dont Hear the Bells

    In this weeks podcast Bill, Bruce and John continue to talk about how I measure my closeness to God. We are in Chapter three of The Cure.

  • What We Believe

    This week we start our discussion on page 43 of The Cure. 
    We are talking about howGod's goal is not to change me,
    because he already has.

    Thanks for joining us as we talk through the Cure. Make sure to let us know what you are thinking about the book, the podcast, and this life in grace in general.

  • God's Name

    Today John, Bill, and Bruce continue in Chapter two as we talk about the consequences of unresolved sin, and the consequences of the way that those in the Room of Good Intentions go about trying to resolve it.

    Thanks for joining us as we talk through the Cure. Make sure to let us know what you are thinking about the book, the podcast, and this life in grace in general.

    Let us know on Twitter @truefaced or on Facebook

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  • Just Get Closer

    We continue the podcast in Chapter 2 of The Cure Two Faces.

  • Grades on a Spiritual Curve

    This week we start talking about Chapter Two of The Cure Two Faces.

  • Tacos by the River

    This week we start the Two Faces chapter of The Cure and start walking through the implications of a life with and without masks.

  • The Cure Small Group Process

    This week we are working on The Cure Small Group Guide. We share a little bit about our hope for how the guide will be used along with the incredible videos that are being created by Crosssection.

  • Who

    This week we start discussing the "Who" questions when it comes 
    to experiencing grace in relationship.

  • Along the Wayside

    This week the guys are talking about what we do for those who have found their way out of the room of good intentions but got stranded and stuck on their way back to the crossroads.

  • Podcast 85 Where That Road Ends

    The guys are discussing the crossroads of pleasing and trusting, while adding some new flavor to the inner dialogue we face at that juncture.

  • Podcast 84 The Cure Release

  • Podcast 83 The Cure

  • Podcast 82 More to Come

    Bill, Bruce, and John finish the TF12 descriptors as they talk destiny. Stay tuned for more to come.

  • Podcast 81 Distinction

    Bill, Bruce, and John are one podcast away form completing the entire TF12. Join us halfway through our discussion on destiny.

  • Podcast 80 In the Moment

  • Podcast 79 Walk With Me

  • Podcast 78 What if I Forget

  • Podcast 77 Set Your Eyes

  • Truefaced Podcast 76 With His Arm Around

    This week we dive into TF11 and enjoy kicking things off on our new website

  • Bos Cafe 75 Rattlers and Raccoons

    This week we continue with Truefaced Principle 10.

  • Bos Cafe 74 TF 10

  • Bos Cafe 73 The Source

    Good works, trust, authenticity — can all be done without dependence on the source. So what does is mean to actually tap in?

  • Bos Cafe 72 No Trust no Love

    You can’t love me if I don’t trust you, no matter how much love you have for me or try and show me.

  • Bos Cafe 71 Be Our Guest

    This week Bruce is joined by Lisa, Shannon, and David from the Truefaced staff as we
    discuss principles that have personally impacted us.

  • Bos Cafe 70 Unresolved

    This week we start TF 7 and begin the conversation about how we resolve the consequences of sin that we do to one another.

  • Bos Cafe 69 Covering Up

    This week we finish the descriptor that we have been discussing with thoughts on shame.

  • Bos Cafe 67 Rodeo Day

    Bill gives us some early Phoenix history about Rodeo Day before we dive in to the good stuff.

  • Bos Cafe 68 How did it happen

  • Bos Cafe 66 Whats in a name

    This week the guys conclude their discussion on what we do when we are faced with one of the many things we cannot handle alone.

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