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  • Andrew Sundar

    The Grace Journey Trans World Radio, Singapore One of my mentors gave me a book called The Ascent of the Leader, authored by Bill Thrall and Bruce McNicol of Truefaced and Leadership Catalyst. Since then these two and John Lynch have also written TrueFaced, Behind The Mask and Bo’s Cafe. Reading through The Ascent of a Leader opened my eyes to facts such as ‘character development is assumed’.

  • Kemp Otto

    A Chapter of My Story With Grace For more than twenty years I relegated Grace to an academic concept, safely buried in commentaries that belonged and stayed on shelves. You see, I already knew about Grace. And I knew that I was the one person for whom it didn’t extend quite far enough over the chasm.

  • Lee Blum

    FINDINGbalance Grappling with Grace… June 11th, 2010 Hey FINDINGbalance Friends! I just returned from Fb’s amazing Hungry for Hope Conference in Colorado Springs. If you didn’t attend this year, be very sorry you didn’t and get your behind there next year!

  • Erik Kakimoto

    Associate Pastor Cerritos Baptist Church Cerritos, CA Growing up as a 2nd generation Asian-American Christian, I was brought up in a culture deeply rooted in shame along with a theological framework that is often more shame-driven than grace-driven. In other words, I had to be someone “better” than who I was if I wanted to be accepted and valued by God and by others. Being me wasn’t enough—I had too many flaws, weaknesses, and imperfections.

  • Dave Kaufman

    Retired Prescott Valley, Arizona It was September of 2004. I had just been given notice that my job of almost 15 years had just been shutdown and along with 300 other personal, I was out of a job. It was only four more months and then I would retire.

  • Gin Dagger

    Co-Founder The Broken D Ranch Denver, Colorado I had known for quite a long time that I had a story to write. Too many things had happened to me and evidence of God’s presence and protection was scattered throughout my life, even before I gave my life to Christ. My fear of putting my thoughts on paper for all to read was my excuse.

  • Carol Barger

    Phoenix, AZ (Grew up in Nebraska) A late in life surprise has transformed my perspective and lifestyle. From early childhood I had known and experienced the grace of God through salvation in Jesus Christ. Intentionally and with satisfaction to the degree I had been taught about spiritual matters I walked with God.

  • Rosemary Carlson

    Biblical Discipler Bella Vista Church Rockford, Michigan I grew up in a home where my father didn’t want me. He told me I was stupid and that I never should have been born. His treatment of me dealt a blow to my self-worth.

  • Shirlee Lamoureux

    San Juan Islands, WA Registered Counselor/Certified in Domestic Violence Advocacy/Spiritual Mentor (Grew up in Farmington, NM and Ashland, OR) I remember my early childhood with fondness. It was an idyllic time when neighborhoods were safe and being part of a gang meant being in a gang of kids who played Kick the Can and Run Sheep Run. It was a time without televisions, computers and iPods; a time of family togetherness; listening to the Hit Parade on the radio, having taffy pulls, and summer ca...

  • Lindy Black

    Associate National Field Leader The Navigators Colorado Springs, Colorado I was born into a football family. My dad was (and still is at 79) a football coach. I am the oldest of 5 kids.

  • Brady Steenhoek

    Director of Student Life Southwestern College Phoenix, Arizona (grew up in Iowa) I grew up in a Christian home, and have been involved with a church my entire life. Early on I learned how to behave really, really well. I learned to be good kid.

  • Stewart Black

    Cave Creek, AZ In 1984 I looked, perhaps, a lot like you. Although I was a pastor, I lived a life of hiddenness, a life of barely concealed shame: Shame caused by the secret sexual sins that plagued me, sins I would contritely and tearfully confess before God, vowing with all my heart never again to be lured into their sticky web. And then it would start all over again… I knew the people in my congregation; however they did not know the real me.

  • Paul Hadley

    High School Principal (retired) Glenbard East High School Chicago, Illinois I am at the stage of life where I have more history than future! As I get older I find that dramatic, life changing “before and after” experiences tend not to be the norm. But don’t confuse this statement with meaningful change not taking place.

  • Michael Elia

    Open Door Fellowship – Jail Ministry Phoenix, Arizona It had been almost two decades since I had first smoked pot, and rarely a day passed that I had not used or pursued the use of some mind-altering substance. My addiction had progressed into harder drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines, and it was taking its toll on my life. Homeless, penniless, hopeless and lost, I was finally arrested and incarcerated, and though I didn’t know it at the time, my life would take an incredible new direction....

  • Don Hammond

    Phoenix, Arizona As I think about it, most of my life has been spent trying to please people. As a child, I tried to please my parents. As a student, I tried to please my teachers.