About Us


Truefaced works to see hundreds of thousands of 

high-trust cultures of grace multiplied around the world


Truefaced pursues this vision

 by building and restoring trust in leaders and those who follow them. 

We do this by teaching leaders how to "trust God and others with themselves." 


We make this mission possible by investing our resources in these leaders
and organizations.

First the co-authors gift 100% of their royalties and speaking fees to benefit these leaders and their communities. This represents about 1/3 of Truefaced's annual budget.  Second, each Board member couple and about 3 dozen more families generously give to care for these influencers of the next generations. This represents another 1/3 of Truefaced's annual budget. 
Finally, many of you complete the last 1/3 of the journey in bringing hope and freedom to thousands. If Truefaced has benefitted you in any way, please help bring this freedom to life for young leaders by gifting to Truefaced. 

The Truefaced principles work...

in any and every situation in your life. Once learned and experienced, they will forever transform how you view God, yourself, and others.

We help people experience the profound benefits of being loved, by teaching them how to "trust God and others with themselves." This quote is Truefaced's definition of humility.

This trusting path starts people on a powerfully freeing journey of authenticity, integrity, and generosity in their friendships, marriages, families, teams, leadership, and cultures. Many are searching for this fork in the road, because they are looking for a cure from the exhausting and deceptive path of self-striving, performance-obsession, and sin-management.

Not a program...

but a way of seeing, a way of living, a worldview shift in how we view God, ourselves, and others. A way of understanding how to live in the reality of God's grace. This worldview often appears radical or revolutionary, simply because many followers of Jesus have walked away from the Original Good News. Now thousands are returning to this freedom for which Christ set them free. It is a reformation of sanctification by grace through faith in our 21st century, just as the reformation of salvation by grace through faith in the 16th century benefitted millions around the world. 

To accomplish this Truefaced mission, we teach, write, educate, coach, and partner with one primary audience: Leaders and their organizations or their spheres of influence. Our primary education resource is the High Trust Center online campus, with its signature 20-week course, the Certification in High Trust Leadership (CHTL).

Our writing...

naturally spawns another audience pool besides Leaders, that is Readers. This audience becomes the largest and most diverse, with people from all walks of life encountering our message primarily through our print and electronic resources. Because these truths of God's grace represent the profound simplicity of Christ's blueprint for life, hundreds of thousands of individuals have experienced life-transforming influences through Truefaced resources. From this larger pool of readers emerge more "people who influence others"--our informal definition of "leaders" from Truefaced's first bestselling book, The Ascent of a Leader.

Therefore, our Leaders audience includes both established leaders, and up-and-coming leaders. This combined leader audience has taught and encouraged untold thousands to live and work in authentic cultures of grace, where the truth can flow, and trust can be built. We sometimes call these leaders "Truefaced tribal leaders" through the influence of the book Tribes,  by Seth Godin.

The organizations which these leaders influence, include universities and graduate schools, businesses and professional groups, media, sports teams, and other entertainment groups, churches, missions, and ministries, governments and associations, and every other sphere of influence. These leaders join us for training on how to restore the lost blueprint of loving and trusting, so their families, teams, and organizations can grow in grace--authenticity, integrity, generosity, and productivity. 

Original Good News...

We are passionate about getting the Original Good News out and harness media in many forms to do so. Our resources include books, leadership tools, events, social media, small group resources, podcasts, blogs, website, and most importantly, thousands of transformed leaders who serve as Truefaced's partners or Faculty to multiply the Truefaced message of God's grace through their lives and organizations.

Simply put, we are catalytic carriers of the Original Good News, the effects of which we have seen with our own eyes and have heard testified to by thousands. We aim to be a leader catalyst, spurring on thousands of "Truefaced tribal leaders" to multiply this Original Good News worldview in new and ever more creative ways.

Your Truefaced Journey 

Step One: Discover the long-buried blueprint for trusting and loving, expressed in the Original Good News

1. Listen to the Truefaced Two Roads-Two Rooms Message audio and video. It's free on YouTube

2. Read Chapter Three & Six of The Cure: Two Friends

3. Watch Mini-Movie #1 on You Tube: (Confessions)

4. Watch Mini-Movie #3 on You Tube: (Very First Moment)

Step Two: Read The Cure, the Primer for this Truefaced life

1. Join or facilitate a group going through The Cure Study Book & Guide, including all 21 DVD Mini-Movies

Your group could be as small as one other person and you, or as large as an international organization.

Step Three : Deepen Your Understanding (3 possible ideas for you)

1. Take the Certification in High Trust Leadership (CHTL) See our home page for the CHTL Icon and the Free Sample Lesson. Our next CHTL starts January 11, 2016.

2. Listen to the once-a-week Truefaced Podcasts

3. Read Bo’s Café (applying grace to marriage)

Step Four: Become a Carrier of the Cure, a "Tribal Leader" for this blueprint of trusting and loving.

If you have reached this point, you are likely one of the passionate revolutionaries who longs to carry this new reformation to many in the 21st century. 

1. Ponder  again our encouragement for you to study with us in the Certification in High Trust Leadership (CHTL). One day, perhaps you'll qualify to become a Faculty member in that High Trust Center program.

2. View the co-authors’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in The Cure. You can do this by simply going to the end of each chapter in The Cure and either entering the address in your browser or clicking on Quick Response (QR) codes at end of each chapter. Call us if you need help in this.

3. Read Truefaced’s The Ascent of a Leader (The Cure for leaders)

4. Take a group throught Bo’s Café (The Cure for marriage)

5. Study Truefaced’s chapter 2 in The Kingdom Life book

6. Invest your time and financial resources in spreading this movement through the Truefaced ministry. We're doing the same.












“God hath given you one face, and you make yourselves another.”

- William Shakespeare

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